SAMLEX DC Power Supply
SEC-1235M, SEC-1235, SEC-1223, SEC-1223BBM, SEC-1212

Samlex SEC1223, SEC1235M, SEC1235, SEC-1223BBM, SEC-1212
Samlex SEC-1223

Size: 2.25"x7"x8.25"
Weight: only 3 pounds
Input voltage 100-130 OR 200-260 VAC 50/60 Hz.
(internal jumper selectable)
The PERFECT power supply!

Perfect for DX-peditions, small size and weight make it perfect for travel as well as home station use!


Similar to the power supply as sold by YAESU / VERTEX and KENWOOD
 WHY pay more?

Perfect for 100 watt + HF rigs.
I use one Samlex SEC-1235 for running all three of my VHF/UHF rigs with 160 watt 2M amplifier, one packet radio, my HF ICOM IC-756PROIII and Ten Tec OMNI 6
 all at the same time!
Note: I only transmit on one HF radio at a time!

Perfect for so many uses as well as travel or emergency or main station use!

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RADIODAN has the LOWEST  DISCOUNT prices on all in-stock SAMLEX regulated DC power supplies!
Radiodan is a genuine factory authorized full line Samlex dealer.

Read trusted author Phil Salas AD5X review of the SEC-1235M power supply Click here

13.8 VDC (internally adjustable 11-16 VDC, pot VR2)
Switching Power supplies
Small & lightweight!


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SEC-1223 $126 In STOCK!!
SEC 1223, 25 amps (23 a cont), very rugged

SEC-1235M $154.95 In STOCK!!
SEC 1235M same as 1223 except 35 amps (30a cont) and has TWO meters (voltage and current) 2.4"x8.4"x7.3"

SEC-1235 $133.00 In STOCK!!
Same as SEC-1235M except NO meters, very rugged.

SEC-1212 $99.00 In STOCK!!
 SEC-1212, 12 amps (10a cont) very rugged.

SEC-1223BBM $158.00 In STOCK!!
Same as SEC-1223 but with battery back up module inside, very rugged. Also charges your back up battery up to 4 amps as needed

Great for repeater, main or remote station use
Perfect for powering charge regulators in the R/C remote control airplane, Helicopter, car, etc. Use a SAMLEX power supply and your charge controller.


Plus shipping


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Ultra small
  • 3 year mfrs warranty
  • wide input voltage accepted
  • RF quiet
  • Open & short circuit protected
  • UL approved
  • Output  terminals on back

Samlex SEC-1235MSEC1235M
SEC-1235M manual

SEC-1235 manual

Samlex SEC-1223SEC1223
SEC-1223 manual

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