How to work with uneven number of players

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How to rotate through a line:

Suppose we have ONE additional forward who must rotate through the forward lines. This player will only rotate through the WINGERS. In the first period this player will rotate through line ONE, in the second period line TWO, third period and OT line THREE.
Here's how it goes. Line one plays intact-the rotator sits, then the next time line one plays this rotating player will play at left wing and the original left winger will sit, next line one shift the rotator plays right wing, next shift rotator sits and so on. The rotator does the same thing on line two in the second period, etc.
If we have TWO extra players, we can play 3 sets of wingers and two centers OR we can have these two players rotate through line 1 and line 2 (one player switching rotation to line 3 in the third period, line 2 gets a rotator the entire game).

How to play with 5 defensemen
If we have 5 defensemen, here is how it works. I will assign a number to each defensemen in rotation 1 through 5. Players 1-2 play first, 3-4 next, 5-1, 2-3, 4-5 and back to 1-2 and so on.



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