BIRD Electronic wattmeters
RF Power Measurement
Bird Wattmeter, element, dummy load, Line section, QC connector, Watt meter, Thruline, Termaline, load resistor, Tenuline attenuator


RD-90M PEP board for 43 type wattmeters, $79.95



Bird meters are notoriously slow reading meters to follow voice or digital characteristics due to the type of meter movement Bird uses (for stability and accuracy). If you want to follow the peak characteristics of the SSB voice or digital waveform, use the RD90M PEP kit

The perfect PEP peak reading board for the 43 series family of watt meter.
High accuracy, low overshoot and the ability to detect short duration pulses as well as properly follow Single Sideband SSB voice peaks for accurate measurement.

Low current drain, no holes drilled mounting, one 9V battery, external DC input jack, RF bypassed.

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