Henry Radio Amplifiers

The below list is for your reference only.
These transformers are NOT in stock.
We can no longer get them at any reasonable price.


These are transformers as used in the HENRY amplifiers.
Voltages shown are after typical bridge rectification and choke input power supplies (as the HENRY is designed).

1171A, 3900 VDC @ 800 MA CCS  (as used in 3KA, 2K Classic X, 3K Classic X, amps with 8877 or two 3-500
1214A, 4400 VDC @ 800 MA CCS  (as used in 3K Premier, 3K ULTRA, 3K Classic X MKII, amps with 3CX1200A7
1092A 3200 VDC @ 800 ma



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