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Spinner knob

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High quality spinner knob makes FAST work of tuning the roller inductor!
Two set screws. Metal bushing for set screws integrated into knob.
Extremely high quality.
Easy installation, just remove old knob and put this one in it's place, tighten set screws and crank away!
A perfect match for the LOAD and BAND knobs.

What you get is the KNOB ONLY, not the dial or panel. 
Simply take your old knob off and replace with this spinner knob.

Used at W7RF. "Wow!, this solves the fast tune-up problem, I can go from 160M to 10M in just seconds!"


NOTE: as of January 15, 20-15 I have only TWO of these left. Henry will no longer reorder and neither will I.
The manufacturer has raised the price through the roof!

These are the LAST TWO and we will not have any more after this.
One knob is flat black (pictured style above) and one is gloss black, you can choose when you order or I will randomly select if no preference is stated.
These have been in the bin for a few years as these are old stock and have some scracthes due to being in the inventory bin.

$39 + ship 
Foreign order e-mail for shipping quote.
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