Radiodan W7RF

Amp keying box
Amplifier buffer relay interface adapter

High quality relay box is intended as an interface between any radio and will key any amplifier.
Many newer radios can only provide for a small amount of current on the external amplifier keying output.
Our box will draw <3 MA from your radio's keying circuit and will key any amplifier.
A very handy accessory.
Get one BEFORE you damage your radios amplifier keying output.
RCA jacks in and out
Needs 9-15 VDC at only 40 ma!
Will switch any amplifierrelay keying voltage, polarity or current (our relay is rated 240 vac at 7amps!)
Add optional RCA cable (male RCA both ends), 6 feet long $3 each or 2 for $

Relay Box Interface


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