Henry Radio Amplifiers
for Amateur radio
More pix of the first HENRY made

Pictures of the very first HENRY amplifier ever produced for sale (1963)
The model 2K serial number 1

2k1a1.jpg (26575 bytes) 2k1dan.jpg (40240 bytes)
W7RF the proud owner!

2k1dan5.jpg (35493 bytes)
It even works after 42 years!
No surprise, it's a HENRY!

2k1dan6.jpg (22330 bytes) 2k1top.jpg (61013 bytes)
under the top cover
2k1fs.jpg (19068 bytes)
2k1open.jpg (32005 bytes)
Front panel & top cover removed
Notice the 3B28 rectifiers in front.
2ksn1.jpg (39929 bytes)
The serial number "1" plate
2k1rich.jpg (48009 bytes)
My good friend, Rich W6VX (ex WU6T) who found this for me!


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