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Amplifier relay box interface RBI-1 Relay Buffer Interface
Put this little box between your radio's amplifier keying output and your amplifier "relay" input to completely isolate your radio from your amplifier. Draws <3 ma from your radio keying circuit.
Will key ANY amplifier T/R relay up to 200 VAC at up to 3 amps!
Ground on "input" will provide closure on "output" connector.
RCA jacks in and out, 3 feet of wire for 12 vdc (total draw from your 9-15 VDC power supply is only 40 ma!)
Receiver Antenna Protector RAP-1 Receiver Antenna Protector
Install this little box between your receive antenna and your radio's receive antenna input to protect your expensive radio from the RF that your receive antenna picks up from your tansmit antenna. Don't gamble with your radio's front end! Damage to your receiver front end can be expensive and take time and shipping costs to fix. This little box is cheap protection! An internal relay completely removes the receive antenna (center AND ground) and places a 50 ohm resistor across your receiver terminals during transmit. Needs 12 VDC and a keying signal to ground from your radio (can also be used with an amplifier keying as well). We suggest 2 RCA cables (below)
RCA cable RCA-cable Cable, RCA-male both ends, length 6 feet.
High quality with excellent copper braid.
$3 each or 2 for $5  
Henry Amplifier replacement relay kit Antenna relay replacement kit for Henry amps This is a replacement antenna relay kit that has been designed to replace the old, open frame, unavailable antenna relays in many older Henry amplifiers.   If your amplifier model is not listed, check with us before purchase.  This is a common replacement part for many Henry amplifiers $140  
  Power connector for Landwehr receive preamps Power connector (5 pin special DIN) for LANDWEHR mast mounted preamps and Microwave Modules MMT series transverters $9.95  

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  Radio Shack 242   2M FM Mobile radio $75  
    Antennas (local pick up only) Price  
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Tohtsu coaxial relays, Samlex power supplies

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